About Us

Blue Skies Construction and Development Inc. is a full service construction company dedicated to building and improving residential homes to meet our customers needs and desires. With a 30+ year background in residential and commercial construction, Blue Skies owner (Marine Corps Veteran, Skydiver, Master Builder) has taken that experience to create a company with our focus being the client.

At Blue Skies, we pride ourselves in integrity, our level of expertise and our commitment to our clients. We’ll be with you every step of the process, from taking care of permits to helping finalize decisions. Give us a call to see why we'll be the best decision you make with your construction and development needs. We pray that Blue Skies will be forever in your future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Remodeling Expensive?

Any type of home improvement can be expensive. However; Blue Skies is dedicated to meeting both the budget and needs of our clients. We use an estimating software that is consistently updated with industry standard pricing for all levels of remodeling and construction. So whether you're looking to do rental property repairs or a high end remodel, we have the price points to meet all needs.

How long will it take?

Every project is different and requires dedicated attention to time constraints based on project size. With Blue Skies you'll have a dedicated project manager to oversee the timeliness of the work as well as insuring all work is done to our high standards.

How do you protect the part of the house not being remodeled?

We install dust barriers between adjacent rooms and cover the walk-way. When working in rooms where furniture can't be moved, we also completely cover it with drop clothes and take extreme care in that space. If your home is pre-1978, we follow strict lead and asbestos safety guidelines set out by the EPA.

Will we have a dedicated point of contact?

Our Remodeling Specialist works with you throughout the entire project. After discussing your goals and budget, our specialist will design your space, help you with material and color selections and order all products for your remodel. Working with our lead foremen, they will also create a project schedule and remain in contact with you during the entire construction phase.

As the customer, what will I need to do?

We ask that you be responsible for removing all of your personal items from the area being remodeled. We also recommend removing pictures from walls adjacent to the work area and maintaining a clear and safe walk way for the workers to access the project.

Will I have to be home during the project?

No, not unless you want to be. We'll ask that you provide us a key or access code for the work area. When a key is provided, we will install a key lockbox onsite that only our teams will have access to. If you prefer, we can provide our own temporary lockset with our keys while work is being completed.

What is the process for a remodeling project?

The process begins in your home. One of our Remodeling Specialists will meet with you at your home to discuss your project goals. At this time measurements and photos will also be taken. Please allow 1 to 1 ½ hours for this appointment.


We will then write up a preliminary rough draft based on work and material types discussed at our fist meeting. Upon receiving this rough draft, we ask that you make any necessary changes, additions or deletions of items or areas of work to more effectively meet your budget and household needs.


If the rough estimate looks good for your needs and expectations we can then move on to specific material selections which will allow us to complete a final draft of our proposal. Once agreed to, we will discuss scheduling a start date, payment details and timeline. We will determine what areas will have dust barriers, dumpster and lock box locations, pet concerns and other such items.


 You will be provided with a job calendar. If adjustments to the schedule are required, you will be notified of the changes. Constant communication is vital throughout the project. We always strive to complete your project in an efficient and professional manner.


Does every remodeling job need a building permit?

No, some smaller projects will not require a building permit. However; local counties and municipalities have established well defined building codes for their jurisdictions. 


Blue Skies will make you aware of and provide you with any needed permits. You should never be asked to pull your own permit when you hire a contractor to perform the work.

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions.